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Maverick Auto Loan Signings

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

Maverick Signings offers notary signing services for the automotive industry.

With more and more vehicles sales taking place online, many customers never visit the dealership in person. This makes obtaining the proper signatures on the transaction documents difficult. Like signing services for mortgage paperwork, Maverick Signings works with independent mobile notaries public all over the country. Maverick partners with dealerships and utilize the professional services of a mobile notary to meet with the buyer, carefully screen each signer for identity and willingness, and to observe that each appears aware of the significance of the transaction requiring a notarial act. The notary will screen and properly identify the signer who is physically in front of them.

Signing up with Maverick is easy, visit from your computer's browser and select Notaries link near the top of the page. Follow the form and enter your name, email address and select a password. Hit the Register button to submit the form. A representative from Maverick will respond via email. If selected, they will provide additional details and request the same notary credentials expected by other loan signing services (Notary commission, Current Background Check (Dated within 12 months), E&O Insurance ($25K), Bond, W-9 and a copy of your Driver License)

A major difference with Maverick Automotive signings is they will overnight the package of documents to you! No lengthy loan packages to print.

Once the package arrives (usually 15-20 completed pages), you will contact the signer within 24 hours to setup the signing appointment. They recommend all signings take place within 48-72 hours of receipt of the documents and all signings take place at the address provided within your confirmation.

You will need to print a few documents, provided by Maverick; Notary Checklist, Dealer Checklist and two copies of the Affidavit referred to as the Affidavit of Identity (AOI). This will need to be completed and signed by the buyer during the appointment. You will obtain a thumbprint (mandatory) and notarize this document. Be sure you carry a thumb print ink pad in your bag, I use the ExcelMark inkless ink pad from Amazon.

Each assignment is confirmed via email by Maverick, this email will contain detailed instructions which need to be followed very carefully. Once the signing is complete, most documents will be sent overnight to the dealership (FedEx envelope and shipping label included) and some will need to be scanned and returned to Maverick (Identification, checklist and buyers Driver License). Be sure to pay attention to these details.

Each signing should take between 20 minutes to one hour.

The process is very straight forward and is a nice fit for notaries public who try to diversify the services they offer.

Contact Maverick Signings with any questions.

Phone: 1-877-628-7446 (MAVSIGN)

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