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LegalShield Legal Services & Identity Theft Protection


LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter without worrying about the high hourly cost. For one low monthly fee, you can talk to an attorney on any issue, trivial or traumatic.


Wouldn't it be nice to consult with an experienced attorney in your state whenever your family has a legal situation no matter how big or small the issue? For a small monthly fee, LegalShield can provide you with peace of mind by giving you back your rights. We also offer an identity theft plan cause at the end of the day your identity is all you have. We work with the #1 risk management company in the world to help you restore your identity, Kroll Licensed Investigators.

What is included?

  • Personal consultation on a unlimited number of matters

  • Write a letter or make a phone call on your behalf

  • Review contracts and documents on your behalf

  • Personal IRS audit assistance

  • Family and Domestic services; Uncontested divorce, name change, separation/annulment & adoption

  • Estate planning; Will, Living Will, Medical & Financial Power Of Attorney (updated annually at no charge)

  • Traffic & moving violation related matters

All other matters receive a 25% preferred member discount of the provider attorney's standard hourly rate.

I am a LegalShield Independent Associate. Contact me for more information about how you can protect yourself and your loved ones for a small monthly fee.

Learn more in this quick video

Also, we can offer LegalShield as an employee benefit addition to any size organization.

Our customers like to provide their employees with peace of mind. And that's what our services can bring them.

WHAT WE DO is offer a set of legal and Identity theft services that empower and protect the rights and identities of business owners and their employees. WE OFFER two best in class American companies providing unique, cutting edge services helping business owners worry less, save time, and money.

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Contact me to subscribe to a LegalShield membership or become a independent associate today!

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